Gibie Dude

aka Gibie, G-bo, Gip, Giblo, Gibtastic

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in a house.
  • My occupation is unofficial game designer/creator, student, drummer, artist, Gibie of the School, game reviewer, fake game creator, animal lover
  • I am the opposite of a girl
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  • I did as you advised and came here through you TGRW user page. I have to say, it looks like it has a good, solid foundation. This was a truly brilliant idea.

    As a wiki founder myself, my advice is to really grow your user profile, and use the theme designer to make the formatting a bit cooler. You know, change the background color, make the text in the upper left look different, that kind of thing. ;)

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  • Hey there people of the Game Jump wiki. How's it going. If you want me to make you a game or you just have a problem. I am always here to help. If I'm not then contact Chili Dude.

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